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Dr. John Eaves

Founder and Director of

Black and Jewish Leaders of Tomorrow

The career of Dr. Eaves is a demonstration of leadership in action. His passion for service to others reflects his Jewish ancestry, while being deeply grounded by the challenges of racism associated with living as a person of African ancestry.

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Dr. Eaves came to Georgia as a Freshman at Morehouse College He was a walk-on to the football team and rose to be a 4-year letterman and team captain by his senior year. While at Morehouse, he received local and national recognition for his volunteerism in Atlanta Public Schools.

Following his graduation from Morehouse, Dr. Eaves served as National Director of the NCAA Volunteer for Youth Program and then the Southeast Regional Director of the Peace Corps. In 2006, he achieved his dream of public service by getting elected as Chairman of Fulton County, Georgia’s most populous county. During his 11-year tenure, Dr. Eaves established a reputation as a staunch advocate on healthcare, transportation, voting, homelessness, and criminal justice reform.

Living Black and Jewish

Dr. Eaves is a Black and Jewish American active in both communities of Atlanta and the State of Georgia. He founded Black and Jewish Leaders of Tomorrow (BJLOT) in 2021 because the historical relationship between Blacks and Jews that was so prominent during the Civil Rights era was becoming fractured.

America has also seen a distinct rise of antisemitism and racism on college campuses across the USA. Dr. Eaves believes in doing something about it, and his background is perfectly suited to accomplishing just that.

A background in education and religion

Education and Awards


Life and Family

Dr. Eaves holds a master’s degree in religion from Yale University and a Ph.D. in educational administration from the University of South Carolina. He is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards, including two Fulbright Awards in Germany and Finland, and is an American Memorial Fellow.

In addition to writing extensively about the intersectionality of being Black and Jewish as an active member of the Temple (Hebrew Benevolent Congregation) in Atlanta, he is also the former chair of the Racial Justice Committee of the Rothschild Social Justice Institute.

Dr. Eaves’ passion is helping to teach and mentor college students. He currently serves as a senior instructor at Spelman College, where he teaches dynamic young women in the Political Science Department. He is a devoted father of two adult children. He lives in Atlanta.

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